The Box Zone Opens a New Location in Santa Ana CA

Santa Ana CA - The Box Zone, one of the fastest-growing suppliers of packaging supplies and boxes in California, is pleased to announce that they are continuing their rapid expansion with the opening of a new location in Santa Ana California. The aim of the new store is to ensure that they remain the number one provider of packing services in Santa Ana.

The new store which is located at 1512 E.Edinger Avenue #A, Santa Ana, Ca 92705, benefits from a central position within the region, which enables the company to deliver their products to Santa Ana easily, quickly and efficiently.

The company is based on the foundation of making life easier for their customers, which is why every new location is strategically researched before purchase to ensure that it is easier for their delivery team to cover as wide an area as possible.

Small to medium business owners appreciate the extra effort and high level of customer service that the company goes to, as can be seen in the numerous positive online reviews the company regularly receive. This is one of the driving factors behind their expansion and growth.  The company is always looking for expansion opportunities and are already contemplating the next area of development.

The Box Zone is one of the leading suppliers of packaging materials and boxes. They are an authorized shipping outlet for UPS, Fed Ex, and Yellow Freight.  The Box Zone is a 100% family-owned business which customers can rely on when it comes to packaging, shipping, and crating. With 20 years of experience, they are one of the best in California and the perfect place for all things in need of packaging. They offer the widest selection at wholesale prices in three convenient locations; Long Beach, Orange, and Santa Ana. More than a company, at The Box Zone, they are a team and a family, one that day by day provides their customers with trust in them to handle their packages and shipment. For more information about the company, and the services they provide, visit their website at

Media Contact
Company Name: The Box Zone
Contact Person: Aaron S.
Email: Send Email
Phone:+1 657-212-5551
Address:1512 E Edinger Ave #A
City: Santa Ana
State: California
Country: United States

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The Box Zone Opens a New Location in Santa Ana CA

Santa Ana CA - The Box Zone , one of the fastest-growing suppliers of packaging supplies and boxes in California, is pleased to announce ...